"There are few companies that dominate their industry and market share such as Leon Medical Centers. As a Center Administrator, I have the privilege and responsibility to lead one of the company’s multi-million dollar state-of-the-arts medical centers. With over 7,000 patients and a staff of over 300; the responsibilities, expectations and demands can seem quite extreme but this is exactly what drives my passion for this business. The ability to touch and interact with our patients on a daily basis has allowed me to witness the sincere and compassionate care our patients experience here at Leon. This is why I can say this is not a job, but a calling to help those amongst us who need caring.
For potential candidates considering a career in healthcare, you only need to visit one of our medical centers. Websites, headhunters, and friends can communicate a company’s purpose and mission statement; but to feel and experience our saying, 'I am Leon', you only need to sit in one of our lobbies for a few minutes and then you will say, 'I want to be a Leon'.”
- Dario Bembibre, Center Administrator at Kendall and Leon Medical Centers employee since 2010.

“I like working for Leon Medical Centers because it is a company where our main goal is to give “Personal Attention at All Times” to the patients; but it is also felt as an employee with the way we work as an extended family towards the same goal. I would tell future job seekers that it is a great company to work for, since we are family-oriented and we also offer great benefits.”
- Sabrina Diaz, Sr. Support Services Specialist and Leon Medical Centers employee since 2012.

"Simplicity, honesty, kindness, and the desire to help others without expecting anything in return are irreplaceable values that should prevail in every human being. Leon Medical Centers has nurtured amazing experiences which I have gained through our patients and the intense work we do every day. Listening, lending a helping hand to those in need, and giving good advice at the right moments are very important characteristics for the patient to feel comfortable and satisfied, as if at home. The opportunity to work in this prestigious company makes me very happy to get involved with this great group that strives daily to provide excellent service to our patients; many of which feel as if they were my own family.
Prospective applicants should be aware of the work they will perform and be familiar with the nature of the patients we work with, as well as learn a little about the company. I think working with love, patience, and dedication for elderly people mostly makes everything flow much better; in fact, it makes it even more enjoyable if we have the capacity to know how to properly handle each situation that arises."
- Wilma A. Estrada Asion, Lobby Representative and Leon Medical Centers employee since 2008.

"Leon Medical Centers is a stable company recognized for its high prestige in providing a comprehensive, quality service which allows you to work in a family-oriented environment. To prospective job seekers, I would say that if you want to work in an environment which you can enjoy without discrimination, with opportunity for learning and personal growth, and the ability to achieve individual aspirations; then the place to apply is Leon Medical Centers!"
- Llilian C. Gonzalez, Medical Assistant and Leon Medical Centers employee since 2000.

"I enjoy working at Leon Medical Centers because I know I make a difference in the lives of our patients. Our Healthy Living Centers provide the opportunity for patients to exercise, build relationships, and have fun! Before working at Leon Medical Centers, I worked within corporate fitness in Connecticut; teaching exercise classes to company employees. From all my time working with adults, I do not believe I have seen true exercise enthusiasts until I started working at Leon Medical Centers. The true reward is working with patients who enjoy and can feel the benefits of physical activity. For future job seekers who want to be part of the positive and rewarding atmosphere in this company, having patience and a smile are key."
- Maria N. Castilla, Fitness Assistant and Leon Medical Centers employee since 2014.

"I like working at Leon Medical Centers because it allows me to practice integrative medicine with a total interaction from the Urgent Care department and our Specialists. We have excellent administrative support, including our Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Lobby Representatives. The hours at Leon Medical Centers are convenient and we offer great salary and benefits. After searching in many different companies, I concluded that the best place to work in Florida is at Leon Medical Centers!"
- Jesus L. Jimenez Barredo, Walk-In Physician and Leon Medical Centers employee since 2013.

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